Island & town Pag


It's time to relax!

The perfect vacation starts right here on the island of Pag in the city of Pag. Discover the charm of the magical island of Pag. Under the harsh Velebit and the salty bora (wind) survives a part of untouched nature in karst and stone, bathed in the sea, drenched by the sun. It is time for you to experience something that attracts every guest and brings them back to this island of the moon again and again. A paradise for palates, gourmets and gastronomes, a simple place where the Mediterranean lives in its original form.


The island of Pag is one of the sunniest islands on the Adriatic with over 2,500 hours of sunshine per year. Among more than a thousand Adriatic islands, Pag is completely different from the others; under the stone shell lies an abundance of hands of industrious islanders who have always had to work hard to create something. That is why it is worth visiting this island, discovering its so many different faces and enjoying them.

Pag is a city that offers preserved cultural monuments, gastronomic specialties and a completely different nature with stone magic. At first sight, the island of Pag is rocky, barren, surrounded by a sky-blue sea, located under the wings of Velebit. It is often called the "island of stone" or "moon island" because of its surface, which offers a somewhat unusual landscape of stone with so many different shapes that only nature can create and occupy such an island area.

The seabed around Pag is interesting for divers because of the richness of the underwater world. If you are a beginner in diving and want to learn the basics of diving Pag offers you several diving schools that will teach you to master basic skills in just a few days.Also for already experienced divers there is a lot to discover (shipwreck).

The first class Pag cheese is famous all over the world. It is made exclusively from the milk of the local Pag sheep. Due to the wind (bora), the surrounding vegetation becomes salty, thus Pag sheep give a unique milk by eating salted herbs.

Pag lamb has a specific taste due to the area where the sheep lives and feeds.

In Pag there is an educational trail in a special forest vegetation reserve "Dubrava-Hanzina". The main purpose of the nature trail is to educate and inform guests about the forest, sustainable forest management and protection of forest and nature. The nature trail is equipped with resting benches, educational / information boards and a plateau to raise awareness of the population about the importance of forests, sustainable management and protection of forests and nature.

Carnival of Pag has a long tradition. Winter carnival is held for the local population and begins on the first Saturday after the holy three kings. During this period, tanci are organized every Saturday. For three days carnival events are held in the central square of the town. The summer carnival is held on the last weekend of July, with the aim of enriching the cultural and entertainment offer in the tourist season.

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